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The city of the Seven Mountains

Bergen has to be one of the most breathtaking cities on the planet, but for some reason, most people have never ever heard of the place.

Often referred as the «Gateway to the Norwegian Fjords», Bergen is the second largest city in Norway. Yet it is a small town, but a small town packed with charm and urban character.  Bergen likes visitors. And Bergen is worth a visit. Situated on the ocean between two of Norway’s most beautiful fjords, Hardangerfjord and Sognefjord, Bergen could not be more picturesque.

Bergen has always been something for itself, and the locals consider themselves as belonging to a separate country- much like the Neapolitans, Catalonians and Scots. However, the city among the seven mountains is indisputable Norwegian. Its inhabitants are surely loud, a bit arrogant and overly patriotic (towards Bergen- not Norway), but they are perhaps the most passionate as well.

What at least is certain….

is that the city is beautiful. The houses clinging to hillsides, the narrow alleys, cobblestones- all framed by seven mountains- have attracted many tourists. Adding to a bustling nightlife, 30,000 students, 250 days of rain per year and a football team that is loved and hated at the same time, these are some of the ingredients that make Bergen an interesting destination.

10 things you should do when visiting Bergen:

1. Explore Bryggen

Bryggen, the gem of Bergen, deserves a leisurely stroll or two…Or ten. With so much beauty to take in, and some great museums to peruse, Bryggen won’t disappoint. Bryggen has been a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site since 1979 – a well deserved accolade, for its unique architecture. Along the Hanseatic wharf, old, wooden buildings stand tall in varied shades of yellow, orange, and red, reminiscent of times when German merchants dominated the area with trade.



2. Take Fløibanen fanicular

The fanicular takes you to a fantastic area of beautiful surroundings with innumerable opportunities for walking and hiking. A 6- minute ride to the top of Mount Føyen is just a must. Here you can enjoy a spectacular view, study the cityscape in detail and the fjords surrounding Bergen. The Fløibanen operates until 23:00 each and every day, so you’ll have no excuse not to experience the views of Bergen from Mount Fløyen at night.

3. The Bergen Aquarium

Visiting the Aquarium is perhaps not a very original suggestion, but the aquarium boasts a wide variety of sea and land animals, and you will be especially impressed by the aquarium’s sea lion show and collection of penguins. Visiting the aquarium served as a great opportunity to learn about Bergen’s unique ecosystem.

4. Have a beer at Cafe Legal

We highly recommend a visit to the popular Legal. This funky two- floor cafe has a creative vibe, a nice drinks list and happy background music.Legal serves delicious cocktails for friendly prices and they have a nice beer selection. Come early, get a drink and have a great start of your night out in Bergen.

5. Troldhaugen – Edvarg Grieg Museum

Troldhaugen was the home of composer Edvard Grieg (1843- 1907) for 22 years. He composed many of his best-known works in the little garden hut. It is now a living museum comprising an exhibition centre with shop and cafe, concert hall, composers’ cabin and Grieg’s villa dating from 1885. There are daily lunchtime concerts at 1 pm. from 1st June to 30 September 2016.  


6. Experience Skostredet – Bergen’s most charming shopping street

During the weekend, shopping in Bergen seems like the hip thing to do. Our favourite street, by far, is Skostredet. It is really small, but packed with nice shops, charming cafes and bars, and a great atmosphere. It offers something for everyone. Sweet & Salt is a must.  

7. Eat at Potetkjelleren – perfect by candlelight

This contemporary restaurant is one of a kind. It actually means «potato cellar» in Norwegian, and its dining rooms are old brick-walled storage rooms. Here you get nothing but quality cuisine and great atmosphere in old surroundings. A lovery place for a romantic dinner.

8. Fjord cruise to Mostraumen

They don’t call Bergen the “Gateway to the Norwegian Fjords” for nothing, do they? So of course, a trip to Bergen would not be complete without cruising through its surrounding fjords by boat. Experience fjords and mountains on a three-hour cruise to Osterfjord and the picturesque Mostraumen where boats are just able to pass through. It is absolutely stunning.

9. Fisketorget

The picturesque and lively Fish Market in Bergen is one of Norway’s most visited outdoors markets and has a charming location in the heart of the city. It has been providing the people of Bergen with freshly caught seafood since 1276. No we did not mistype. 1276!

Can you believe that? If you’re not a seafood fan, this market is still worth a visit to learn a bit about the seafood that Norwegians know, love, and cherish. The Fish Market also sells fruit, vegetables, handicrafts and souvenirs.

10. Hiking in Bergen

Hiking is probably not something you have considered, but we can assure you that this may be the best part of the trip. So don’t miss it. Try hiking the path from Mount Ulriken, the highest of the city’s mountains rises 643 meters above sea level, all the way to Mount Fløyen.

Top 3 hotels in Bergen:


Clarion Collection Hotel Havnekontoret

A hotel located in one of the most beautiful buildings in Bergen with incredible design and a consistent style . The hotel is right on the pier in Bergen, and that is definitely not a minus.

Det Hanseatiske Hotellhanse

It is not a secret- the coolest romantic little hotel in Norway is in Bergen. The hotel is part of Finnegaarden at Bryggen which is on UNESCO ‘s World Heritage list .

Clarion Collection Hotel No13

Perfect location and great service.


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