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Strange Norwegian Food

Bizarre, uneatable, weird and downright just wrong. Here is the 8 strangest Norwegian dishes.

Delicacies from Norway? Well, they just might be if you can get over the fact that the dishes are really, really hard to stomach – conceptwise. Many of them taste really good, but that is if you can look past what you are eating, how it smells and how it looks.

Anyway, here is our top 8 list over really strange Norwegian food.

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1. Smalahove (Cooked sheep’s head)

The recipe is quite easy: Chop off the head of a sheep, remove wool. Cook for two and a half hour (without boiling) in water. Eat. The experts say the eyes are the best. Good luck. The Smalahove comes from the western part of Norway and first, foremost from extremely beautiful Voss. How beautiful? Check it out here  

2. Lutefisk (Dried cod with lye)

To make lutefisk you dry cod for a couple of months until it as crispy as bacon, then you put it in lye after soaking it for some days. Often served, thank heavens, with bacon. Lutefisk is mainly eaten in the northern parts of Norway.

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3. Komle or raspeballe (Potato balls)

It’s really, really good. We mean really, really, really good. Eat it. You will love it, and will not have to eat again for a couple of days. Different parts of Norway have different versions. Some eat it with baconfatty meat inside the balls and some eat it with salted meat and sausages on the side. Any way you slice them, these great balls will be a favourite. We love the ones you get in Grimstad, right next to Arendal

4. Fårikål (sheep cooked in/with cabbage)

Take some sheep, cut it in pieces, cook it for hours with pepper and cabbage. That’s it. The Norwegian National Dish. You can eat in anywhere, like in Oslo.

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5. Grillpølse i lompe (Really bad sausage in tortilla)

The sausages you get served from kiosks and fastfoodlike installments in Norway have a probable meat percantage below 50 per cent. And no taste. It’s like Norway is the only country in the world that does not know how to make a good sausage. It gets worse: Some will put something they will say is a shrimp salad on top. It might look pink, but there is almost no shrimp in it and salad it ain’t. Check out the best hotels in Norway here

6. Rakfisk (Fermented fish)

The smell will get you, but if you can get past that – and aquire the taste – well, you just might love it.

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7. Hvalbiff (Whale-steak)

Well, it is a good taste… 8. 9.

8. Syltelabb (Pig’s foot)

Cooked foot of pig, often served with beets. Good luck.

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