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Just look at that sunset. ;oskenes, Lofoten, Norway Photo: Christian Bothner/www.nordnorge.com

10 photos that prove Norway is the most beautiful place on earth

Think you have seen it all during your travels? Well if you haven't been here you're missing out. Majorly.

Norway is a once-in-a-lifetime destination and the essence of its appeal is remarkably simple: this is one of the most beautiful countries on earth. It’s home to more natural wonders than we can count. It has stunning cities, really happy locals and a spectacular light show.

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Don’t believe us? Here are 10 reasons why Norway will rock your world.

1. Because of views like this.

000759_Baard Loeken_www.nordnorge.com_Vestvaagoey

Vestvågøy Photo: Bård Lølen/ nordnorge.com

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2. There are gorgeous towns scattered around, just like Ålesund.


Ålesund. Photo: RudyBalasko/Thinkstockphotos.

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3. If you are lucky, it will light up your world. The aurora of the Northern lights.

002320_Yngve Olsen Saebbe_www.nordnorge.com_Tromsoe

Tromsø. Photo: Yngve Olsen Sæbbe/ nordnorge.com

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4. You won’t have to look far for a good photo opportunity.


Geiranger Fjord. Photo: Marco Saracco/Thinkstockphotos

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5. One of Europe’s last great wildernesses, this is also the domain of more polar bears than people, a terrain rich in epic legends of polar exploration.

002946_Bjrn Klauer_www.nordnorge.com_Longyearbyen

Svalbard. Photo: Bjørn Klauer/ nordnorge.com


 6. Trolltunga is another great viewing spot you won’t want to miss


Trolltunga summer view (Troll’s tongue). Photo: J-wildman /Thinkstockphotos.


7. How about playing golf in the kingdom of midnight sun?


Midnight sun. Photo: Rune Nilsen / visitbodo.com


8. There are houses like this.


Renndølsetra with the Innerdal tower in the background. Photo: Bård Larsen /Flickr.com

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9. Europe’s largest land glacier is also to be found here.


Briksdalsbreen Glacier, part of Jostedalsbreen National Park, where icebergs break off. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

10. Because it just looks so peaceful. Where else in the world are you going to get a view like this?


A coloured reflection of the rural landscape in water. Photo: Cassinga /Thinkstockphotos.


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And what about the Norwegians?

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